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This new, thoroughly revised and up to date version areas specific emphasis on issues that have lately develop into philosophically arguable. Brian Davies presents a severe exam of the basic questions of faith and the ways that those questions were handled via such thinkers as Anselm, Aquinas, Descartes, Leibnitz, Hume, Kant, Karl Barth, and Wittgenstein. needs to a trust in God be in accordance with argument or proof in an effort to be a rational trust? Can one invoke the Free-Will safety if one believes in God as maker and sustainer of the universe? Is it right to think about God as an ethical agent topic to tasks and duties? what's the importance of Darwin for the Argument from layout? How can one realize God as an item of one's event? the writer debates those questions and extra, occasionally presenting provocative solutions of his personal, extra frequently leaving readers to choose for themselves.

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C 23 24 44 God and Evil One may wonder, however, whether theists who make this move are not now caught in a dilemma that has not been mentioned so far. For suppose it is true that God is the cause of human actions and that this can be so even though some human actions are free. Would it not also be true that God is the cause of moral evil? And would he not be this though able to arrange that there is no moral evil? Most people who believe in God say that his creation and sustenance of creatures is itself grounded in freedom.

Causes them to come into a situation in which He is not immediately and overwhelmingly evident to them. Accordingly they come to self-consciousness as parts of a universe which has its own autonomous structures and l a w s ' . . A world without problems, difficulties, perils, and hardships would be morally static. For moral and spiritual growth comes through response to challenges; and in a paradise there would be no challenges. 5 Notice how much emphasis is placed in this argument on human freedom.

We may summarize it as follows. When we form positive statements about God, we must somehow mean what we say. We must mean that God is what we assert him to be. But he must also be very different from anything in the universe. We need, then, to speak positively about him without denying the difference between God and creatures. We can do this if we think of our talk about God as metaphorical. When you use a metaphor, you refer to something by means of words which you can also iise in talking about something very different.

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