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Expert Periodical stories offer systematic and distinct overview insurance of growth within the significant components of chemical learn. Written via specialists of their expert fields the sequence creates a distinct provider for the energetic study chemist, providing usual severe in-depth debts of growth specifically components of chemistry.

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To the large number of papers already published on lSF-labelled 6-tluorodopa C6-fluoro-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-L-alaninel are added two more,la7. lea both using C lEFlacetyl hypofluorite f o r electrophilic substitution of protected dopas. In 25 Amino Acids 0 O NH ' *--ti M~ PhCH=CH O H COT OR R e a g e n t s : i , P h L i ; i i , N a N 3 ; iii,BoczO;iv,Sharpless oxidation,then TFA; v, H 2 / P t S c h e m e 12 y 3 6ocNH u i & CHO Me + epimer N-Boc -L- Ieuc in a l -+ vii (SSt S a t)-i n e H , H 6ui vi CONHPrn4 BocNH Reagents; i Me H OH ( R ) - 1 , 3 - d ; h y d r o x y p r o p a n e , TsOH, CH2C12/reflux; ii, T M S - C H Z C H = C H 2 / T i C l 4 ; v.

C. l- C36cI-adeuosylhomacysteinelas and Syntheses of -methioninel-. - Hydroxylated bromobutanoic acid). 19zt Studies of glutamic acid a-semi- aldehyde as a potential intermediate in the C-5 tetrapyrrole biosynthetic pathway have been published in a paper that also describes surprising failures in applications of standard synthetic manipulations in exploration of routes to this 'd-aminoacid. lS3 Asymmetric syntheses of intrinsic interest have been published f o r other close relatives of protein amino acids.

Bulgecine (see also refs. ,52)-5-acetamido-4-hydroxypipecolic to (4SI5S)-5,6- t Z S , 4SI 5S)-dihydroxypipecolic acid and lal ( i mmobi 1 i zed gl u tamic oxaloacetic aminotransferase1 effects the conversion of Y-hydroxy-a-ketoglutafic acid to Y-hydroxy-L-glutamic acid. 10 a-Amino Acids with Side~ Chains. lS3 of dehydro-phenylalanine and This general process has been tyrosine through reaction with to ornithine and lysine analogues through Wittig-type condensation of g-benzyloxycarbonylamino aldehydes with methyl N-benzyloxycarbonyl a - d i e t h o x y p h o s p h i n y l g l y c i n a t e in the presence of '-BuOK.

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