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By Paul Badham (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9780333487303

John Hick is likely one of the most generally learn and mentioned residing writers in sleek theology and the philosophy of faith. This e-book bargains scholars a one quantity textbook on his proposal. Extracts from his writings disguise the entire numerous subject matters for which Hick has develop into identified: religion and information, Philosophy of faith, Evil and the God of affection, demise and everlasting lifestyles, the parable of God Incarnate, and difficulties of non secular Pluralism. The extracts are preceded by way of an introductory essay by way of Paul Badham on John Hick's philosophical theology, and at the integrity of his existence and thought.

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Thus in Death and Immortality, after expounding the standard philosophical arguments against the intelligibility of the idea of personal survival after death, he offers his own this-wordly reinterpretation of the language of immortality. 'Eternity', he says, 'is not more life, but this life seen under certain moral and religious modes of thought. 115 The religious truth which lies in the offing is that eternal life, in its fullness, is a quality of life, a life that is not only lived for ever but is above all worth living for ever, and that this quality of life Religion as Fact-asserting 31 may be entered upon now in the midst of this earthly existence.

By this I mean that as well as there being values of x andy such that to experience A as xis incompatible with experiencing it as y, because x andy are mutually exclusive alternatives, there are also values of x and y such that it is possible to experience A as simultaneously x andy. Here y is supplementary to x, but on a different level. What is meant by 'levels' in this context? That y is on a higher level than x means that the experiencing of A as y presupposes but goes beyond the experiencing of it as x.

Another sort, artistically more complex, might be called cases of emergent pattern; for example, those puzzle pictures in which you are presented with what at first seems to be a random and meaningless scattering of lines and dots, but in which as you look at it you come to see, say, a face; or again, as another example, the well-known 'Christ in the snow' picture. And in between there are various other sorts of intermediate cases which we need not however take account of here. We speak of seeing-as when that which is objectively there, in the sense of that which affects the retina, can be consciously perceived in two different ways as having two different characters or natures or meanings or significances; and very often, in these twodimensional instances, we find that the mind switches back and forth between the alternative ways of seeing-as.

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A John Hick Reader by Paul Badham (eds.)

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