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Clay, on the other hand, can preserve almost any given void ratio and strength for many minutes or hours, even on asmall scale. Clay dust mixed to a slurry in water will also fall through the water and settle as a mud, but it will take hours to do it (some particles may actually be so fine as to be colloidal: random molecular vibrations keep them in suspension). The particle size affects the rate of change of soil properties: once again we see that sand and clay place themselves in different time categories.

The engineer will secondly take an interest in the shape of the grading curve throughout its entire length. He will be most satisfied to see a smooth curve. A wide horizontal step would indicate a size gap, a grade of particles missing from the mix. A high vertical step would mean the presence of a large fraction of particles of one size. The ideal well-graded soil possesses small particles to fit into the voids between medium particles, which in their turn lock together the largest grains. Without this spread of particle sizes a soil is likely to be difficult to compact, subject to a reduction in volume due to vibration, and subject to washing-out of its finest fraction.

I kN/m 3 . In this book I shall use the symbols and values, Pw = 1000 kg/m 3 = I tonne/m 3 , 'Yw = IO kN/m 3 , so as to simplify arithmetic without sacrificing much accuracy. 8, so that solid rock can be expected to have a density of roughly 2700 kg/m 3 and a unit weight of roughly 27 kN/m 3 . Porous rock (or soil) clearly does not weigh as much as this. 50. If the soil is perfectly dry, and the voids are full of air, then the density of the soil is 2700 x 1/(1 + 05) or 1800 kg/m 3 . 5) or 2130 kg/m 3 .

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