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RE M e;fi t tli f fair? 522 PRINT RT 21,1; "Press a keg to begin the fi g ht": PRUSE 0 4624 FOR 1=1 TO 5*(1/-pr) 4525 LET cl=FN r(8)-1: BORDER C. 1,0: LET mc=USR inver 4531 LET Lt11)=1(11)-2 4632 NEXT i: BORDER 5: INK 4: PH PER 0: BRIGHT 1: CLS 4534 IF RNO:pr THEN GO TO 4548 90 4536 PRINT AT 5,1"YOU LOST! " 4550 IF I. THEN PRINT "but wit • the antimatter ray you cou/d'' t LOSE! ": BEEP 1,10: GO TO 4900 4702 PRINT "The ";t$'"insulted L • what you have — offered, g ets m re ";a$(3 TO ) — and steals your 4764 LET o=FN r(5): IF 0 =5 711EN LET o=6 4706 LET L(13)=1113)-efo): LET t a'1,1-5-i-(o=6))=0 4708 PRINT g$(0,3 TO ) 4709 GO TO 4900 4710 IF L(8) THEN PRINT "You act ivate your transporter and whc, osh!

Be careful, if you fall in a pit then yo u will die too. You only have one life so-" 79 PRINT AT 12,4;" B E CAR E F U L ! " 82 LET I = 0: PRINT £1;"(c) Copy right DAVID PERRY 1983" 83 PRINT AT 19 , 8 ; INK I; PAPER 2; BRIGHT 1;" PRESS A KEY! 01,I*7: IF I>7 THEN LET I=0 85 IF INKEY$="" THEN GO TO 83 86 CLS : RETURN 87 CLS : PRINT AT 1,11;"ZOMBIE S";AT 2,11:"======" 88 FOR N=0 TO 7: PRINT AT 4+N, 0; PAPER N; INK 7-N;" T H E Y C AUGHT Y O U ! 02,I* 5 : IF I>7 THEN LET I=0 101 IF INKEY="" THEN GO TO 99 102 GO TO 15 103 CLS : PRINT AT 1,11;"ZOMBIE S";AT 2,11:"=======" 104 FOR N=7 TO 0 STEP -1: PRINT AT 6+N,0: PAPER N; INK 7-N:" YO U HAVE JUST COMMITED SUICIDE ": NEXT N 105 GO TO 58 106 BORDER 0: PAPER O: INK 7: B RIGHT 1: CLS 107 IF SC<=N(10) THEN GO TO 12 3 53 108 LET NUM = 11: IF SC>=N( NUM HEN INPUT "ENTER 8 INITALS!

GO ^. `. 3130 LET =Or:L r- . • EAC:=. == R INT " –"II HR-fttE FOUND THE CONTA CT, AND HA VE SUCCESSFULLY COMP L E T E D MY MISSION. THE CONTACT TRAIN DRIVER. ": G O TO C 5230 PRINT ' ' N : K C-E APPEARS- TO :.. , "13" 3020 L ET OB=:_i: LET v'O =C: LET GU= , . ° r`-è- L – 1000 P: LET t_! 3 _ DIM 0$(7,13) 5=040 RESTORE E:000: FOR Z =P TO 7: R EA D O$(Z) , A$: LET O (Z) =VAL A$: NEXT Z 8050 DAT A "KNIFE" '. : •'WALLET,. ^" "BLObJTCiRC-H .. , `. l^,E'r. CA SE OF MONEY",. `5.. INK5ï "TI-iE - ' T RB ;–:TT`r:,, ;OF-,0 PRINT , ' ..

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